EU Projects

The Association of Protection and Sustenaance of Stray Animals was accredited to work on European Voluntary Service (EVS) in 2012. Since then our association has completed so many EVS projects. So many young people were volunteer with us and gained so many new competences abroad before they entered the working world. So far we have worked on a lot of EVS projects on stray animals, inclusion of disabled people, art & culture and sustainable development with our volunteers from abroad in our hosting projects. The stray animals, disabled people, art & culture fans and inhabitants of Sinop have a lot of benefits from our projects. On the other hand, the Turkish young people had an opportunity to work abroad, developed their foreign language skills and found better job opportunities when they came back to Turkey. Our basic aim is to raise awareness on volunteering in the society.

Also we offer Turkish young people volunteering in another country. A Youthpass sertificate is given by the hosting organisations to the volunteers who finish their activity successfully and it is a great reference in their CVs.

If you are between 18 – 30 years old, you can participate in our projects as a volunteer.

Should you be thinking of our volunteer, please send your CV and motivation letter to