There are two activities and 4 volunteers in our European Solidarity Corps project “Anatomy of the Town”.
Activity 1: It includes the care of sick, disabled, elderly, young and orphan (in oral period) cats and dogs in Sinop. There are 2 flows in the activity. There will be vets from Ireland and Spain in these flows. The main activity topics are the treatment of stray cats and dogs in the shelter in Sinop, assisting surgeries and doing check-ups, recording the courses of the diseases, adopting, fund raising and collecting food donations, participating in the rescue operations, distributing food to the feeding locations in Sinop.
Here are the detailed tasks of the volunteers:
– Sterilization of cats and dogs,
– Diagnosis and treatment in internal medicine,
– Traumatic surgery and amputation
– Post-op care
– Distemper, Panleukopenia and parvoviral enteritis treatment
– Daily check-up of the patients and babies
– Cooking especially for the babies and the patients and feeding
Besides, they will participate in other activites of our association. Here they are:
– All kinds of fund raising activities – sales, brunches, beach parties, poetry nights, etc.
– Taking nice photos of the cats and dogs in the shelter and publishing them in our Facebook, Instagram and web pages in order to help them to be adopted,
– Having a Sinop tour with us every week to do the check-ups of the stray cats and dogs who come to the feeding locations, taking the ones with serious conditions to the shelter and continue their treatment in the shelter are the activites which are outside the shelter.
Therefore, the volunteers in the Activity 1 will develop their occupational competences and they will develop themselves socially with the activities which will be done outside the shelter. They will communicate with the people, sell the products, organise entertainment events, they will learn the methods how to make money as an NGO and they will develop several ways to make the animals in the shelter be adopted.
Activity 2: There will be 2 volunteers from Portugal with an artistic background. The tasks of the volunteers: Preparing the places for the performances and exhibitions, giving information to the audience about the event, ushering, protecting the art productions and materials, graphic design, making international networks, working on the comfort of the audience, assisting the artists and curators of Sinopale (the International Sinop Biennial), etc and also generating their own artistic and cultural workshops / exhibitions / works / performances and their own cultural nights. Besides:
– Participating as a team member in an international art festival,
– Assisting the international artists and curators,
– Having new artistic perspectives and knowledge,
– Having technical and practical knowledge about different kinds of art,
– Installing and protecting the art productions of the biennial,
– Ushering during the exhibition, performance and workshops,
– Participating in the workshops of the biennial.
Apart from these, these young artists, whose only need is a chance, will be given the life time opportunity to make realize their own workshops / performances / exhibitions within the Association of Sustainable Development. In order to do that, the art director and the art technician in the association will support them. Also all the work of Sinopale is based on the “Sharing Model”. All the artists and volunteers are told about this model. The “Sharing Model” is a form that the artist gets all his/her inspiration from Sinop and make the work here with the materials from Sinop. The artist never brings his/her art work that was made in his/her home. Artist comes here, makes researches,
communicates with the locals, designs the work, uses the local materials, meets the product with the audience and leaves Sinop for his/her home. Our volunteers will also use this model when they make their art activities and it will be their guide.

1st Activity:


Javier Canovas Martinez

Sending Organisation: Asociacion Building Bridges, Madrid, Spain

Activity Period: 07.11.2020 – 06.09.2021


2nd Activity:


Maria Ines Ferreira Marinheiro Lorenzo

Sending Organisation: ProAtlântico – Associação Juvenil, Porto Salvo, Portugal

Activity Period: 15.08.2020 – 12.10.2020

Maria participated artistic and cultural activities of the Association of Sustainable Development of Sinop for two months. She implemented an artistic project in Sinop, promoting reflective thinking. She used an analog camera for that. Throughout the project she learned to cooperate, to understand each and every person involved and to help them achieve their goals. She took the photos of the hand made products which will be sold for the stray animals. She didn’t just improve her clothing product photography skills, but also took part in several events and gatherings where she was taking pictures for the hosting organization. Finally, she participated in educational activities such as handicrafts workshops.



Rita Sousa

Sending Organisation: ProAtlântico – Associação Juvenil, Porto Salvo, Portugal

Activity Period: 01.09.2020 – 03.07.2021