The cat with a bullet and a broken leg was treated at Cadde Clinic. The bullet couldn’t be taken because it was too close to the bone. He will live with the shame of humanity. However he had an external implant on his leg. Maybe it will compansate a little bit of the shame. His health is very well now. We are looking for a loving home for him. If you would like to adopt him, you can take him from Cadde Clinic.
Our expenses are increasing with everyday calls. Our sources are not enough to meet our expenses. We need your help. As long as you donate us, we will help them survive.

Ziraat Bankasi, Sinop
Account Holder: Sahipsiz Hayvanları Koruma ve Yaşatma Derneği
IBAN: TR02 0001 0002 2644 7802 0550 01 (TRY)

IBAN: TR72 0001 0002 2644 7802 0550 02 (USD)

IBAN: TR45 0001 0002 2644 7802 0550 03 (Euro)