This cat was shot with a bullet on his spine. He was operated in Samsun Veterinary Surgery Clinic . The bullet was removed but the cat will never walk with his back legs and he will never pee or poo by himself without help. However he still loves people!
Safety forces and formal institutions! There is a villian in the society! Do you know that? Please find these people! The bullet should find a person in order to act? Who will defend the rights of this cat? Another unknown perpetrator of a crime! There is a crime but there is no criminal! Why? Because the victim is a stray cat! Who cares?
We used to have values. Respect to the old. Love to the young. Where is your love to the weak? We are just a few people in the association. We are trying to give a second life to these animals. We are trying to compansate the faults of the humans. What if you become a human and we will not need to compansate your faults?