The detached spine of the cat which was hit by a car most probably was implanted with an awesome surgery in the Veterinary Surgery Center in Samsun. The cat also had physiotheraphy. Since the cat arrived in the clinic with Panleukopenia during the incubation period, she overcame the virus with the help of the skillful vets in the clinic. Her only problem is that she can toilet with the help of humans. She was adopted by the person who found her in the street. But all these efforts cost us a lot of money. As long as you help us, we will be able to give them a second chance. If you want to do a favour, you can do it for us. Therefore their stories will have a happy ending like this.
Ziraat Bankasi, Sinop
Account Holder: Sahipsiz Hayvanları Koruma ve Yaşatma Derneği
IBAN: TR02 0001 0002 2644 7802 0550 01

IBAN: TR72 0001 0002 2644 7802 0550 02 (USD)

IBAN: TR45 0001 0002 2644 7802 0550 03 (Euro)