Vet Javier Cánovas Martínez from Spain, who came with our European Solidarity Corps project “Anatomy of the Town”, has completed his 10-month long activity in our shelter. Javier assisted Vet Volkan Tuncay of our municipality with diagnosis, treatment and surgeries during his stay. Also he treated so many infectious diseases, traumatic injuries or dehydrated cases of our stray friends. Furthermore, he spent part of his free time treating and feeding sick or wounded animals and postoperative cases at his home. In addition, he became involved in making and selling products to earn money for the street animals in Sinop. Javier took Turkish langauge courses and learned about our culture closely. He made a lot of friends here. He adopted a cat whose leg was amputed and named him “Amiga”.
Javier did a lot of work for us. He even worked in his spare time with dedication. He rushed to all emergency cases. We thank him very much for all his extraordinary efforts.