Today Sinop Municipality donated us dog food. Many thanks to our municipality. Bugün Sinop Belediyesi, bize köpek maması bağışı yaptı. Along with the pandemic outbreak, they cannot find food. We are welcoming your donations. There are so many stray cats and dogs who are waiting for the food we will give.
Now it’s time we became a keyboard hero, send the food from online shops to the municipalities and associations. You can reach us through the contact page. Since we have dog food from our municipality, we are in need of cat food. Please pay attention more on the cat food for now. 
Please give them food when you go out for the shopping of our elderly people. Inform us and the municipalities about the sick and wounded ones.
Cats and dogs are not the only ones who are affected by the outbreak, but also the birds who are the part of the cities. Birds cannıt find food either. Please throw them break crunches from your windows. Now it is their mating and ovulation season. Let’s act together for them the produce their youngsters as well.
Let’s protect the vital cycle of nature altogether.