Internship & Externship

You can have your internship or externship in our shelter in Sinop, Turkey if your are a vet or veterinary student or an animal science student with 300 dogs and 50 cats in our shelter.



Here is our shelter!

Here are the Activities for the Interns:


Work for the Vets and the Veterinary Students:
  • Cat and dog sterilization
  • Diagnosis and treatment in internal medicine
  • Traumatic surgery and amputation
  • Post-op care
  • Distemper, Panleukopenia and parvoviral enteritis treatment
  • Daily check-up of the patients and babies
  • Cooking especially for the babies and the patients and feeding
Work for the Other Students:
  • Daily check for the animals in the boxes
  • Informing the vet for the ill ones
  • Surgery nurse and vet assistant
  • Post-op care
  • Cooking especially for the babies and the patients and feeding
  • Nursing the orphan babies
  • Taking the dogs for a walk
  • Taking the photos of the animals for adoption
  • Playing games with them

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Our Previous Interns & Externs:


Bengisu Güneş Akbudak

Afyon Kocatepe University, Veterinary Student 19 July – 3 September 2022

Usama Ali ve Sajal Malik

Riphah College of Veterinary Sciences, Graduates, Pakistan – 14 February – 31 July 2021


Heidi Peltola

Hannover University, Veterinary Medicine Graduate, Germany – July 2019  – December 2019


Shruti Madhusudan

Edinburgh University, 4th Grade Vet Student, Edinburgh, the United Kingdom  – 2019


Katie Marie Buckley

Vet Nurse, Cork, Ireland – 2019



Jose Raul Miranda Collado

Agrarian University of Havana, Post Graduate Vet – 2018



Marie Eve Rambouts

University of Liège, Belgium, Post Graduate Vet – 2018


Edita Maniušytė

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Animal Science Student – 2017



Guoda Urbonaite

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Veterinary Medicine Student – 2017



Marion Bergère

Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Institute of Economic and Social Development Studies Master Student, France – 2016



Mustafa Kanat

19 May University, Veterinary Medicine Student 2013 – 2014